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do you ever think about all of james and lily’s old school friends?? watching harry grow up through daily prophet articles and the media and knowing who he is, not because of the fame but because they knew his parents

and when the day finally came that he defeated voldemort for good, they were so proud. he didn’t know it, but they were. proud enough for lily and james, sirius and remus, and his grandparents put together

no matter how lonely and unloved harry felt growing up, he never was. there were always people out there that cared for him and were proud of him for much more than just being “the boy who lived” or “the chosen one”. they were proud and they cared because he was “harry potter, james and lily’s boy”

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man can you imagine fenris being called by his real name after receiving his markings like




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so bioware apparently wants the DA:I players to never see sunlight again

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Title: bless (feat. Arnór Dan)
Artist: Kanno Youko
Album: Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack
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hi! im thinking about cosplaying your mage mercury design and i have two questions. one: does she happen to have a spellbook of sorts or was that hidden arm in her art just a hidden arm? and two: what does the front of her tunic look like, does it also have the mercury symbol on it or is it plain with simple stitching on it? thank you very much!!


It would be pretty cool if she had a tome but I like the idea of her having two free hands for magic. Another simple design for Mercury’s front. Even though I prefer the design to be rather simple, feel free to add a bit here and there :).

(Sorry for the very quick, sketchy responses, I’m spending most of my time on my uni final at the moment)